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An Cuimhin Leat...

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An Cuimhin Leat...

[cd cover]The songs on this album are drawn from the traditions of Ireland, Scotland and Cornwall. The lyrics are available below each track, both in their original languages and in translation.

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1.   Tuar Guil, a Cholaim, Do Cheol    lyrics ]
        O Dove, Your Song Is An Omen of Tears

2.   Déirín Dé    lyrics ]
        The Last Wisp Of Smoke

3.   An Chailín Álainn    lyrics ]
        The Lovely Girl

4.   An Cuimhin Leat An Oíche Ud    lyrics ]
        Do You Remember That Night

5.   Mo Nighean Donn As Bòidhche   lyrics ]
        My Lovely Brown-Haired Girl

6.   A Ghaoth Aneas      [ lyrics ]
        The South Wind

7.   Lon Doire An Chairn   lyrics ]
        Blackbird Of Doire An Chairn

8.   My Pan Esen Ow Kwandra    lyrics ]
        As I Was Walking

9.   A Chinn Álainn   lyrics ]
        O Lovely Head

10. Cad Chuighe Dhíbh Dom' Chiapadh   lyrics ]
        Why Do You Torture Me

11. O Fhlùir Na h-Albann    lyrics ]
        O Flower of Scotland

12. Mac An Cheannaí lyrics ]
        The Redeemer's Son

13. Gràdh Liom  lyrics ]
        Love Be With Me

This cd is currently available by online order, from us in person, and from a number of special retailers. Please contact us if you are interested, and we'll do everything in our power to help a cd find its way to you.



  • Strictly Discs (Madison - Monroe St)
  • Spruce Tree Music (Madison)
  • MadCity Music Exchange (Madison)
  • Mineral Point Collection/Cornish Corner
    (Mineral Point)
  • Folklore Village (Dodgeville)
  • Pendarvis Historic Site (Mineral Point)
  • A Room of One's Own (downtown Madison)
  • Legacy House Imports (Lien Rd in Madison on the East Side)
  • 43/90 North Earth (Spring Green)
  • Borders Books & Music (Madison East & West in Madison)


If you are interested in carrying our cd, or want to recommend a store we should contact please email us!

A word about copyright:
We copyright only because for this first album we were advised to do so, until we should better understand the implications of refraining. We invite everyone to freely sing, learn and especially teach these songs. It is also true that if we do well with the sales of this CD, we will be better able to provide more songs like these in the future.

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7 February 2001


Oran nan Tonn
NAVAN ::: Lowena
NAVAN ::: Mairneas
NAVAN: An Cuimhin Leat

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