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Amy Amy Curl has been performing since she could stand and has dabbled in almost every kind of music, from playing classical piano to writing rock songs while on an extended stay on the isle of Iona. A Madison Area Music Award-nominated singer-songwriter, Amy is enjoying coming out from behind the piano and guitar and explore the challenges of singing a cappella in unfamiliar languages—and to indulge her longstanding affinity for all things Scottish in the process! Paul Gorman was born in Madison, WI and has lived in and around the area ever since. His interest in music began as early as grade school, leading him to involvement in a number of choral groups. Following the production of a choral Christmas album with his high school (the only one of us to have made it onto vinyl!), he continued to pursue his interest as a member of the Blue Falcon Air Force Choir. Paul received a degree in photography in 1994, and now dedicates his time to his life as a photographer, his love of a cappella vocals, and his study of the Irish language (actually he's been wandering further into Welsh just lately...).

26 June 2000
Sheila Shigley was raised in Kowloon, Hong Kong. It was there that she and younger sister Candace acquired a deep love for Irish, Scottish and Welsh music from their parents, Barbara and Gordon Shigley, themselves avid musicians. Nestled beneath majestic Hi Junk Peak in the jungled hills overlooking Clearwater Bay, the tightly-knit missionary community spent a good deal of time engaged in musical pursuits, including frequent hymn-singing. Sheila was always particularly fond of the early American hymns, sung as they were in English or various dialects of Chinese! Her interest in Irish music was rekindled in the early 1980’s when she and Candace began to listen regularly to public radio broadcasts of The Thistle and Shamrock, writing out phonetic lyrics from Máire Ní Bhraonáin’s solos or dancing unrestrained “Irish" dances to the faster tunes (usually at this point banished by Mama to the basement.) When Enya came out with an album which included printed Irish lyrics, the sisters’ interest turned towards the language; with the help of this and other albums by groups such as Clannad and Altan, they began learning to read Irish. In 1997, Sheila attended an Irish-language weekend featuring sean-nós singers Lillis Ó Laoire and Áine Ní Mhuineacháin. This was her first exposure to the live sean-nós tradition. Lillis and Áine generously tolerated and encouraged the little cluster of enthusiasts gathered round them each night and into the wee hours; by the time the last song had died away, Sheila was hooked. She currently divides her time between researching Celtic music traditions, making music, and teaching voice in her now-hometown of Madison, Wisconsin.
Elizabeth Simcock has spent most of her life living in Madison, with short stints in Ireland and Germany. She spent a year living in Dublin and studying Geography at Trinity College only to come away addicted to the language and the music. She is grateful to the people who were around her when she first tried hopelessly to say go raibh maith agat! In the last few years she has had the opportunity to spend time in Hannover, Germany, performing as a guest singer with various top German Irish groups. This also allowed the chance for a side trip to France to hear a local choir perform Navan's "Tuar Guil, a Cholaim, Do Cheol" (magical) and to join for part of a tour with Donegal-based L'Echappée Belle. More recently she's been spending as much time as she can singing Irish lullabies to her new baby boy.
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