Monday, March 12, 2007

list heaven

As of 2pm on Monday, thanks to all of you, we're still sitting at the top of NPR's 'Most Emailed Stories' list, and we've made the top sellers this week at CDBaby! Yee-hoo!

Here's the update for CD availablility:
Lowena is available for immediate order. Mairneas & An Cuimhin Leat are still currently out of stock at CDBaby but this should be rectified by the end of the day today, or certainly by tomorrow! The chance for the NPR interview came up so quickly that we didn't have a chance to get them restocked - thanks for making it an issue for us! If you click on the links for each of the CD titles there you'll see the CDBaby page that lists their current stock status.

I'll also post something here and on the front page to let y'all know when things are flying free.

For anyone in the range of Wisconsin Public Radio (that makes all of you if you go to listen online at the scheduling spirits are doing a fantastic job of letting things fall into place in time for our Wednesday release party. We'll be on WPR from 3-4pm (central time) with Jean Feraca tomorrow (Tuesday, 3/13) on Here on Earth.

To whet your appetite a bit for Matt & Shannon, joining us at the High Noon, you can check out their website.


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