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...listen to a few bits of the first, second and last track
You can hear more clips at cdbaby

Navan's third CD includes songs in Irish, Scottish, Breton, Cornish, Welsh, and Celtiberian. There are songs for dancing, songs for mourning, and songs for lulling…


1. Ellas Mari (Cornish)
2. Domhnall Dubh an Domhnallaich/Seallaibh Curaidh Eoghainn (Scottish)
3. Ma Labousig ar C'hoad (Breton)
4. Ffarwel fo i Langyfelach Lon (Welsh)
5. Lowena (Cornish)
6. Letontu Litokum Abulos (Celtiberian)
7. Maro eo ma Mestrez (Breton)
8. Falt Trom Trom Dualach (Scottish)
9. Ta me Cortha O Bheigh 'm Aonar Mo Lui (Irish)
10. Caitlin Triall (Irish)
11. Thalaidhinn Thu/Air Faill ill O/Do Chrochadh a Thoill Thu (Scottish)
12. Thig an t-Eathar (Scottish)

Here's what Brian O'Donovan of WGBH in Boston has to say about it:

How do you describe the music of Navan? Yes, technical terms exist. Exquisite... a cappella... harmony singing in all of the Celtic languages. But Navan is a classic case of the whole being greater than the sum of the parts. There is something about the blend of human voices without the burden or rhythm of instruments in accompaniment that affects us spiritually. This is the sound we popularly think of as that of angels.

In hearing the songs of Navan on this, their third CD, you will be transported to other places, other times. The sound is ancient, elemental. It is a continuum of experience for Celtic peoples through the ages seeking guidance and comfort in lives tied to the land but looking at the moon. The songs are food for the spirit, a warm drink on a cold night in front of a welcome fire; the smile of a stranger; the softness of a baby's cheek; the sadness of remembrance; and yes, the blended voices of the angels, wherever they may be.

And a few comments left for us at CDBaby:

As soon as I heard the first song I knew I had to have it. These are the kind of songs that instantly make the day better- I'm amazed such powerful harmonies come from just three voices. (Johanna)

Navan is one of the best groups of a capella singers whom I have ever had the pleasure of hearing. I would highly recommend their music to anyone who likes vocal music or Celtic music. Their scholarship and authenticity are admirable, and their musicianship is incredible. (Alan Bieber)

A transporting experience, listening to these voices. First new CD in over a year. The last one was a gift, an underground recording of the Dalha Lama doing a healing chant. Lowena is equally transporting. (BD)

Lowena creates a wonderful world. It transcends the traditional celtic/folk music. There is a simplistic beauty in the way the songs are sung. Their voices are crisp and ring like a bell. (Roxann & Steven Graber)

LOWENA is an extraordinary CD in the Celtic genre. The music reaches deep into my soul, and transfixes me. It is primordial, spiritual, and deeply moving, as it touches and soothes all those ancient archetypal qualities we all have buried deep inside! The harmony of voice and beauty of the Gaelic languages is superb, and capable of bringing me to a place of such peace... Lowena is a must have CD. (Annie Wellington)


Oran nan Tonn
NAVAN ::: Lowena
NAVAN ::: Mairneas
NAVAN: An Cuimhin Leat

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