An Eos Hweg
The Sweet Nightingale

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An Eos Hweg

Ow huv kolonn gwra dos,
a ny glywydh y’n koes,
an eos ow kana pur hweg!
A ny glywydh hi lev,
a-woeles a sev,
y’n nansow ow kana mar deg?

Na fyll, Vetty ger—
na vydh yn ahwer!
Dha gelorn y’n degav dhe’th vos.
Ty a glyw orth an gan
a’n eos mar splann,
ow hwibya a-berveth y’n koes.

Ogh, gas dhymmo kres,
my y’n degav gans es!
Ke dhe gerdhes, ny vynnav vi mos
dhe glywys an gan,
kyn fo vydh mar splann,
an eos ow hwibya y’n koes!

Eseth dhymmo, sur,
genev vi yn lur,
yn mysk an brialli y’n lan.
An lev ty a glyw
a-woeles y’n sklyw,
a’n eos y’n nansow a gan...

Akordys yns i
a dhemedhy devri,
ha dystowgh dhe’n eglos dhe vos.
Namoy hi ny skon
dhe gemeres y dhorn
ha kerdhes y’n nans ryb an koes!

The Sweet Nightingale

Oh dear heart do come,
don't you hear in the woods,
the nightingale singing so sweet!
Don't you hear her voice,
which rises below,
singing so beautifully in the valleys?

Don't fear, Betty dear—
don't worry at all!
I'll carry your pail to your house.
You shall hear the song
of the nightingale so splendid,
Piping deep in the woods.

Och, leave me in peace,
I can carry it with ease!
Be off, I'm to willing to go
to hear the song,
however splendid
the nightingale piping in the woods!

Sit down by me, really,
on the ground with me,
among the primrose in the churchyard.
Listen to the voice
below in the shelter,
the nightingale singing in the valleys...

They agreed
to marry indeed,
and straight away to the church to go.
No more she refuses
to take his hand
and walk in the valley by the woods!

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