My Pan Esen Ow Kwandra
as i was walking

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My Pan Esen Ow Kwandra

My pan esen ow kwandra klywys a’n eyl tenewenn
Un el ow talleth kana a ughov war an wydhenn
Ev a wrug ow kusulya frut annedhi may torenn
Moy es dywow ni a vya bys vynytha na sorren

A out war nas drok venyn wortho pan wrussys koel
Rag ev ow tebel edhen neb glywsys ow kana
hag an dohoro dhe anken mars ni a wra omdenna
prederis peub a’y worfen fatell allo gorfenna

Aban na vynn’ta krysi ty a kell ow herensa
Vynytha hedra vywi omma ny’m gwelyth arta

a Eva kyns dell vy serrys my a wra oll dell vynni
drov e dhymmo desempis ha my a ra dybri

As I Was Walking

When I was walking about I heard on one side
an angel beginning to sing above me on the tree
He did advise me that I should gather fruit from it
Greater than gods we’d be nor troubled for ever

O out upon you bad woman, listening to him
for he was an evil bird whom you heard singing
and will bring us to sorrow unless we refrain
let us both think on the end of it, how it can end

Since you will not believe, you shall lose my love
as long as you live you shall not see me again

Eve rather than you be angry I’ll do all as you wish
Bring it to me immediately and I will eat it

NAVAN ::: Mairneas
NAVAN: An Cuimhin Leat

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Last Updated 12 June 2005