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Our most recent cd 'Mairneas' is available online now, and is for sale throughout the Madison area (see retailers). Click on the cd cover to order yours now!

Listen to a few clips from the album by clicking 'play' below:

1.   An Eos Hweg (Cornish)  [lyrics]

2.   Toutouig (Breton)  [lyrics]

3.   Mairneas An Tiger (Manx)  [lyrics]

4.   Dacw 'Nghariad (Welsh)  [lyrics]

5.   A Oisín, Is Fada Do Shuan (Irish)  [lyrics]

6.   Tá Mé 'Nois 'Caoineadh (Manx)  [lyrics]

7.   A Bhan-Mhòrachd Chiùin (Scottish)  [lyrics]

8.   Cearc Agus Coileach (Irish)  [lyrics]

9.   Éamonn An Chnoic (Irish)  [lyrics]

10. Amzer Er Heneu (Breton)  [lyrics]

11. Griogal Cridh' (Scottish)  [lyrics]

12. Hé Mo Leannan (Scottish)  [lyrics]

13. Amhrán Oich' Mhaith (Manx)  [lyrics]

14. Seothín, Seothó (Irish)  [lyrics]



  • Strictly Discs (Madison - Monroe St)
  • Spruce Tree Music (Madison)
  • MadCity Music Exchange (Madison)
  • Mineral Point Collection/Cornish Corner
    (Mineral Point)
  • Folklore Village (Dodgeville)
  • Pendarvis Historic Site (Mineral Point)
  • A Room of One's Own (downtown Madison)
  • Legacy House Imports (Lien Rd in Madison on the East Side)
  • 43/90 North Earth (Spring Green)
  • Borders Books & Music (Madison East & West in Madison)


Oran nan Tonn
NAVAN ::: Lowena
NAVAN ::: Mairneas
NAVAN: An Cuimhin Leat

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