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20 September. Last weekend we were down at the Chicago Celtic Fest where, thanks to all of you who were there, we had a lovely packed tent both days and sold out of CDs before we even made it to Sunday. Highlights for us included running into a few old friends and one of the best brunches I've had in years at a place called Orange (mmmm, fruit sushi).

This week it's off to the wilds of Kansas. We'll be returning to the McPherson Scottish Festival - we did hold out a few CDs in reserve to bring along, but we're almost sold out completely, so get 'em while the getting's good! (Yes, we are reordering, so if you miss out, more are on the way to us with their shiny cellophane packaged up in big brown boxes...)

In techy news, today I finally added a purchase CDs | guestbook to our site, so go check it out so people who come later on will have amusing things to peruse.

12 June.
This year has seen us move forward as a trio and next week we'll be in studio again to lay down more new songs. While recording we're looking forward to a somewhat lighter festival schedule but as the summer wears on we'll be traveling a bit more. It's finally properly hot here in Madison and we've been able to start up our outdoor rehearsals again (much to the envy of our friends stuck inside staring at computers). Of course this also means that summer storm season is here and last week we were chased off of our picnic table by a good solid downpour! More news to come soon, and if you're lucky a sneak peek (listen) at some of what comes out of the studio...




Oran nan Tonn
NAVAN ::: Lowena
NAVAN ::: Mairneas
NAVAN: An Cuimhin Leat

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