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Òran nan Tonn is now available!

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This long-awaited fourth album shows Navan at their best, returning to 4 voices with all the intricate harmony and raw solo work that allows. You'll find songs in Irish, Scottish, and Manx Gaelic, Breton, and a few special treats in Welsh, including the stunning Ar Hyd y Nos. This version of All Through the Night settles back to what it might have been once upon a time. People have called Navan's music "mesmerizing," "like a calm, dark lullaby," and "heartfelt... true, and timeless."

With Òran nan Tonn, Navan is pleased to introduce Amy Curl. She brings an honest, emotional voice, and true dedication to the craft of being a musician. Her take on a Scottish lament to open the album sets the tone for a playlist of songs that is full of longing for loved ones, love of place, and love of play.

The full 20 page booklet brings you all the lyrics, translations(!), and stories behind the songs. Find your way into the languages, or just lay back and enjoy.


Read what others have said about Navan and their music:
* Navan is one of the best groups of a cappella singers whom I have ever had the pleasure of hearing. I would highly recommend their music to anyone who likes vocal music or Celtic music. Their scholarship and authenticity are admirable, and their musicianship is incredible.
* Spectacular arrangements and harmonies.
* It transcends the traditional celtic/folk music. There is a simplistic beauty in the way the songs are sung.
* This is the most beautiful and haunting music of the Gaelic tradition.
* Absolutely breathtaking.


1. Tha na Fèidh am Bràigh Ùige (Scottish)
2. Ar Hyd y Nos (Welsh)
3. Hè Mandu (Scottish)
4. Airdí Chuain (Irish)
5. Son ar Chistr (Breton)
6. Dyffryn Clettwr Fach (Welsh)
7. Saoil a Mhòr am Pòs Thu? (Scottish)
8. Gaoth de'n Aer (Manx)
9. Heire Bannag (Scottish)
10. Kanomp Nouel (Breton)
11. 'S Óró 'Thaigh, a Ghrá/Rince Philib a' Cheoil/Caoine Cill Chais (Irish)

We hope you enjoy the new album!


Oran nan Tonn
NAVAN ::: Lowena
NAVAN ::: Mairneas
NAVAN: An Cuimhin Leat

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