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Our newest CD, Òran nan Tonn, is now available through CDBaby and all digital outlets.

Learn more about Òran nan Tonn.

To purchase our CDs:

Read reviews and more at:

If you're willing to forego booklets full of lyrics, translations and other fun facts you can seek us out at iTunes and other digital distribution locations.

On iTunes: Òran nan Tonn, Lowena, Mairneas, and An Cuimhin Leat...

Our music is also available digitally on Rhapsody, Amie Street, MediaNet, Amazon, Lala, Napster,, and a host of other places.


Our online orders for our own CDs are handled by CDBaby. The Christmas Celtic Sojourn CDs and DVDs, produced by WGBH Boston, are available directly from us. (Yes, you can get it elsewhere, but we don't get royalties from that, so we hope you'll get it here!)

To purchase the Chirstmas Celtic Sojourn CD & DVD
These two special items are available by direct mail order from us. The DVD is $20 ($17 + $3 shipping and handling); the CD is $18 ($15 + $3 shipping and handling). Send a note regarding which CCS item(s) you'd like and a check to:

5258 Ridge Oak Drive
Madison, WI 53704



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Last Updated 19 February 2012